5th Grade Persuasive Essay Lesson Plan

5th Grade Persuasive Essay Lesson Plan-90
With all of the hype that surrounds the Super Bowl commercials, you can't help but be intrigued about seeing what the advertising executives will invent to entice consumers.I turn that enthusiasm into something educational with an advertising-inspired, persuasive writing lesson.

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Without one of those steps, well…say good-bye to your reader.

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You might also want to show some of the Super Bowl commercials that are available as You Tube videos.

Important Note: When I first started teaching this lesson, I had to record the Super Bowl on my VCR and show the commercials in class using videotape.

But without a concrete way to talk about them, it’s like gesturing wildly at a class and hoping they’ll catch your drift (maybe that’s half the reason argumentative units are so exhausting…).

What I knew I needed was some sort of analogy, some visual for students that we could keep revisiting each time we reinforced these ideas.

I followed a fantastic Lucy Calkins lesson once where I wrote evidence on pieces of paper and lined them up on the floor, encouraging students to explain how each piece of evidence got me from claim a to claim b (which magically gave me powers to hop along the evidence). That analogy was: Ok, ok, it may not seem like much, but I found there was a lot of value to be squeezed out of this visual.

This was an effective one-off lesson, but it was difficult to revisit. I wanted to share with you how I use it so that maybe you can get some ideas on how to make these abstract-logic-intensive units a little more concrete, too. Your evidence is like putting on one strap of the seatbelt. Mentioning your claim at the end of this process is like snapping it all together.

Not all commercials are appropriate for your students, so be careful when making your selections.

Model the persuasive writing strategies and techniques that are used in commercials.


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