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In this moment, the sun was setting on the good times, and the next morning signal the start of an era of abuse, from which Dave would only break free much later.Pelzer describes the moment his mother holds his arm over the flaming stove in great detail, allowing readers to feel his intense pain and fear.

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After reading the books, or after reading just the first book, is enough for a person to be aware of child abuse, and how it can really harm the child not only The way the children are treated differently, is by other people being prejudiced.

People automatically assume that the children are bad, but its not their fault.

He succeeded and from then on he decided that he would not give up and he would always try to outsmart his mother.

Throughout history Child abuse has been a very upsetting subject for people to talk about.

I think that I could have also survived this because I am good at getting myself out of bad situations. I think it would have been too painful for me to care anymore. David could have been taken from his mother to live somewhere else because she was not a fit parent. Since she was an alcoholic she did not always realize what she was doing to him. When the mother wanted David to lye on the stove and burn, David decided to see if he could trick her.

She also probably didn’t want to do all the things around the house and thought it was too much to do so she had David do all the chores. He watched the clock and decided to see how long he could keep her from making him get on the stove until his brothers got home. In the book, the father tries to help the son in the beginning but then throughout the book he stops trying to help and listens to the mother.If I had been in this same situation, I would have helped get the child away from his mother because nobody should have to live like that.This imagery is important, because the book is meant to make a statement about child abuse, and the statement would not be as powerful if Pelzer tried to water down his experiences.This image of a sunset parallels the sunset Dave described at the end of Chapter 2.The father was tired of having to watch his son get abused so eventually he just left and didn’t do anything.David thought that his father would help him but he did not. When David, was stabbed he went to his father for help.His father just told him to go back and to do the dishwasher.Father said that he would not tell David’s mother that he told but he should get back to work. The abuse that I thought was the most difficult was the gas chamber.Just because the children are foster kids, and don’t live with their real parents is no excuse for people to stereotype them and to pick on them.By having English classes read David’s books, it can give students another perceptive on prejudice and foster children.


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