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Course Content Have you ever thought about how we use language on a daily basis and how language varies from person to person and place to place?

If so, this course will give you a fascinating insight into the language we tend to take for granted; it is an exciting and thought-provoking course that will allow you to discover more about language use in the world around you.

Creative writing and engagement with non-fictional texts form no part of any current English Lit A level and for some students this a lack only to be remedied by opting for this particular A level.

Those equally daunted by the linguistic demands of the English Language A level or troubled by the purely literary emphasis of the English Literature syllabus should regard this A level as an excellent compromise!

Students who enjoyed literary analysis at GCSE but are worried about the extent to which medieval writers like Chaucer and early modern writers such as Shakespeare dominate English Lit A level often feel much happier with the more modern choices of texts that feature on A level English Language and Literature.

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Shakespearean plays set but they are not compulsory; on all English Lit A level syllabuses the study of a Shakespeare play is mandatory!Students who have studied, enjoyed and done well in English Language and English Literature GCSE are natural candidates for this A level.With GCSE grade 6 or above you should certainly cope.Texts include essays, proposals, articles, reports, reviews and emails.Each lesson has a preparation task, a model text with writing tips and three tasks to check your understanding and to practise a variety of writing skills. The study of non-fiction and spoken texts from across different time periods and contexts in the second year requires responses that are comparative and contextual; there is also an unseen element to second year A level study.As in the case of its more straightforward English Literature counterpart, this is an essay-based subject.It can be challenging to develop an analytical framework for such a wide range of 'texts', but it is the very variety of this A level that makes it a compelling one.As in the case of English Lit you will be guaranteed lessons in which discussion and debate are major features.1st of 2 AL Language conferences for academic yr 19/20 is fixed for Oct.We've added an extra conference, with different line-up in Feb due to demand!


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