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She expressed her concerns and views with her husband and she proudly called herself “a daughter of America.” Through the years of moving and traveling with her family Abigail stressed the importance of education to her children.

Abigail became more judgmental than her husband but was never considered close minded to new facts.

She learned how to read and write and enjoyed poems most.

She was also very resourceful by helping her husband on difficult problems.

Abigail never went to a real school because of poor health. Her father’s library was not big, but she still went to it to read books.

Abigail’s favorite books were novels by Samuel Richardson.The baby’s name was ‘Abigail’, but was called Nabby. John Adams soon moved his family to Boston to be closer to his important clients and the center of political action. one named Susanna, who died thirteen months later, and Charles who was born healthy at the end of May 1770.John Adams sent everyone in his enlarged family back to there old house because of the recent Boston Massacre happening.Though the female mind, like the body, had been formed less vigour than the male, intellectual accomplishments were still essential.” Abigail would later realize that these writings shaped the way she was viewed as a woman.With her children growing older and Abigail becoming more involved with her husband’s affairs, John “considered her an intellectual equal and enjoyed discussing politics freely with her in the confines of their home.” It was because of this that allowed her to help shape the political views of her husband and son.When the shots at Lexington and Concorde were fired, John was again off to the Congress and cautioned Abigail that she should ‘fly to the woods’ with the children if the British attacked Boston.Abigail prayed for the war and on June 17 John Quincy and Abigail went to Bunker Hill and watched the roar of the cannons and saw the flames of burning Charleston atop of Penn’s Hill near where they lived. Abigail wrote many letters to her husband and it became a way of life for her.Abigail understood the line between men and women but she still spoke about political stance between family and friends.With John being into politics Abigail learned quickly the hatred against Britain.On August 10, 1774, Abigail parted with John as he left to attend the Congress called at Philadelphia to try and unite the colonies against Great Britain’s plan to punish Boston and Massachusetts.Though her sons would not be of military age for another decade, Abigail dreaded war, in which only God knew what would happen.


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