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This is something that was proposed by a delegate that never had any chance of passing, even though we’re all talking about it and it’s now become a subject of national controversy.You know, I had a really close relationship with with my O. I can’t imagine in that situation then having to get permission from two other doctors to do what we decided was best.

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So to be super clear, we actually don’t know and there actually isn’t good data about all of the reasons that women seek third-trimester abortions.

I mean we do know that one reason that women seek third-trimester abortions is essentially a form of miscarriage management, right?

When the pregnancy is sort of failing over time and there’s actually in some places nothing in the law that allows the medical system to deal with women in that circumstance, right?

So women have to carry failing pregnancies for weeks or, you know, are forced to kind of go through stillbirths when they would have preferred to terminate two months earlier.

Among other things, third-trimester abortions would be available even if a woman’s health were not at risk. They said that the video was proof that Democrats supported live-birth abortions.

The pro-choice side called this charge false, and a national debate ensued.In the State of the Union address President Trump made sure to mention abortion.Since we started this podcast we have heard from listeners asking us to have a conversation about abortion.So the Virginia governor who, in addition to being an egregious racist, is also a pediatric neurologist.So he’s asked about this and he basically says that he, I think, is - and this seems to me the most logical explanation for what he’s talking about - he’s basically saying in a situation in which the pregnancy is failing, in a situation in which you have this fetus that you know is not going to survive and you’re on the delivery table.So first you have Kathy Tran, the delegate who introduced this legislation.It’s been introduced in many, many past legislative sessions.But conservatives heard that and they thought, “Oh my god, they’re trying to pass a law that you could basically change your mind about having a baby while you’re in the middle of labor and then have it killed afterwards.” You know, Marco Rubio’s tweeting about it.Now Ben Sasse wants some sort of resolution to prohibit this thing that doesn’t happen, which is this sort of legislation as propaganda because, you know, if you’re kind of banning something you’re basically admitting that you think it’s a thing in the first place.Last week a video from the Virginia statehouse created a political firestorm.It showed a Democratic legislator, Kathy Tran, making the case for a bill that would remove some abortion restrictions.


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