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To reach his ideal dream of spending his life with Daisy, Jay Gatsby attains his millions in a corrupt way which help him to replace emotions, and tries to cover it up with lies throughout the novel.In order to become rich, Gatsby engaged in illegal occupations such as bootlegging and being involved in the Mafia.

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It does not matter to us, whether you are too busy at work, concentrating on a passion project, or simply tired of a seemingly infinite flow of assignments.By referring to The Rise of the Colored Empires and stating its ideas - "if we don't look out the white race will be. Membership includes a 10% discount on all editing orders.I never needed anyone to do my homework for me until I got a part-time job in college.He attempts to reclaim the loss of family that he experiences through his wealth.Nick describes a story about how Gatsby, "agreed to pay five years' taxes on all the neighbor ... Readers recognize the importance Fitzgerald places on social class throughout the novel, but for the purpose of this essay, I will examine how Fitzgerald links social class with race through his portrayal of African American characters in the novel. In fact the title character is living proof that the American dream really exists.Good thing I did my research and chose this website to outsource all the essays.I’ve been using their services for a year now, and they have never let me down.The notion of the African-American dream would have been a fairly new one in the 1920s, but since the black characters in the novel are paired with Jay Gatsby, it is plausible to think that they would triumph and suffer in the same way Gatsby did as a result of their newly found achievements.This theme can be traced through the actions of Tom Buchanan and in the two scenes that black characters are present in the novel.


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