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Students, parents, and many other people do not agree with schools implementing school uniforms and would much rather prefer to be wearing designer clothing. “What Not To Wear: Dress Codes and Uniform Policies in the Common School” Academic Search Complete, 2007, 643-657  Carney, Damian, Sinclair, Adele.Many students disapprove of wearing uniforms primarily because of the desire to wear designer clothing. “School uniform revisited: Prodedure, pressure and equality”.:.

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[tags: Education, Dress code, Trousers, School uniform] - Dress Code: The Improvement of Schools The topic of dress codes is a subject of debate throughout the educational system.

The issue of dress codes is of great interest to not only educators but also their communities.

- Envision yourself sauntering down the hallway when you see a teacher you despise inspect you from head to toe.

You know they are just trying to find something wrong with what you are wearing so they can dress code you. They walk toward you with a smug look on their face and utter the infamous words, “are you in dress code?

Due to the importance of dress code students and teachers have always had restrictions on their choice of clothing to some extent.

Schools across the world have minimum dress code policies in place about what cannot be worn in the school.

Dress code can affect students attitudes, personality, motivation, stress level, and influences in numerous ways.

The effects it can have on a person vary in both good and bad ways.

A school dress code is a series of rules that school boards create intending to restraint the way students dress.

This policy was originally created to make schools a safe learning environment; however, this policy has caused many complications in schools around the world because student’s rights are being taken away....


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