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Smalls is shy and unconfident and knows nothing about the sport so he feels left out.

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Smalls tries very hard to do everything he can to fit in with the boys and eventually, he succeeds.

Being the outcast, Smalls tends to cling to someone who sticks up for him and makes him feel like part of the team, and that is the best player, Benny.

The layers of the psyche might be seen as analogous to the layers of the human brain, which is a physiological record of cerebral evolution that includes the most primal, the According to Jung, the ‘Gods, Demons and Illusions’ are names for the inherited inhabitants of the psyche, individually and collectively: …they exist and function and are born anew with every generation.

They have an enormous influence on individual as well as collective life and despite their familiarity they are curiously non-human.

Certainly, Jung’s school of psychology does not endear itself to the Left in general and to the large numbers of Jews in psychology.

A recent biographer states of Jung’s falling out with his mentor Sigmund Freud: Freud himself was inclined to believe his problems with Jung typified a general incompatibility between Jew and gentile, that Jung hated the ‘Jewishness’ or psychoanalysis and wanted to substitute a Christianised version. Freud had wanted Jung to be an apostle to the gentiles, to prevent psychoanalysis from becoming a Jewish sect.

The team stares at him, waiting for him to throw the ball back but he cannot do that either.

Smalls is teased and made fun of by everyone on the team except Benny Rodriguez, who is the best player.

He was offering observations and explanations in detached, scholarly manner, which is always difficult for many in academia to understand.

Archetypes Jung’s conception of the psyche as comprising three ‘layers’, including the collective unconscious, is briefly explained in this volume in my essay ‘Odin and the Faustian Imperative’, where Jung’s ‘Wotan’ essay is also mentioned.


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