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Assignment Instructions-50
The link to the ASLC is found on Wattle under on the right column of the course homepage.You will need to the database of Online Resources (select Referencing in the browsing fields) to locate relevant documents.Citing a direct quote as a paraphrasing may constitute deliberate plagiarism.

For additional information regarding Turnitin please visit the ANU Online website.

Group assignment The assignment (including Part A and Part B) is a group assignment.

The document MUST commence with the RSABIS Group Assessment Cover Sheet, with all details completed (including your signature).

This cover sheet attests to the fact that you have read and understood the Code of Practice for Student Academic Honesty.

If you use these to help you structure your essay, or if you cite sources referenced these papers, but which you have not read yourself, you must disclose this appropriately.

You are reminded that the intentional unacknowledged appropriation of others work constitutes plagiarism and that the policy in this regard will be enforced.

All applications for extensions are to be addressed in writing (email is fine) attached with supporting evidence (e.g., a medical certificate is required for illness) BEFORE the submission deadline to the Course Convenor.

Late assignments without approval will not be accepted.

Having other competing assignments due on the same day is not a valid reason.

of a compulsory assignment will preclude students from qualifying for a supplemental or further examination.


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