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Assignment orders may be able to capture most kinds of (current and future) non-wage income streams.

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The judgment debtor may not comply, however it is a court order, and if the judgment debtor is under the jurisdiction of the court, not complying may backfire on them.

Assignment orders can last as long as it takes to satisfy the judgment.

Because assignment orders are lawful alternatives to conventional levies, you do not (in California) need to get a writ of execution.

Unlike regular levies, the money often gets turned over directly to you.

Other things may happen to thwart any enforcement action or strategy.

In theory, assignment orders for non-exempt income, can ask for all of the income, not just 25% of the income, as most wage levies (garnishments) can reach.

An assignment order might be the right (although paperwork intensive) way to try to satisfy your judgment.

This article covers assignment orders in California.

While personal service is needed to make your court order stick, you might want to fax the assignment order first, to catch any possible dispersements before they go out the door.

Without personal service, one cannot get a contempt order if the third-party does not comply.


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