Avaya Cms Custom Report Writing

This has the working code and is great for beginners or if you want to save time. Start the Visual Basic editor from Excel and add the Avaya objects references. Interactive Then Msg Box "The Report " & s Report Name & " was not found on ACD 1", vb Critical Or vb OKOnly, "Centre Vu Supervisor" Else Set Log = Create Object("ACSERR.cvslog") Log.

Task ID Set Rep = Nothing End If End If Set Info = Nothing End If End If cvs Conn.logout cvs Conn. Connected = False Set Log = Nothing Set Rep = Nothing Set cvs Srv = Nothing Set cvs Conn = Nothing Set cvs App = Nothing End Sub Purchase a completed Avaya CMS Excel macro that records agents trace reports for just $2 donation from the link below. Path=1&products_id=5 Another method to do the same as above is to set references to the AVAYA CMS objects from VBA in teh preferences menu. Reports(s Report Name) If Info Is Nothing Then If cvs Srv.

When you are in a report if you click on the Report button in the menu and select script and save it you can then run the report by just double clicking on the script Name.acsauto file. But did you know you can edit that file to make it run for multiple skills and saves each in a different file?

Task ID Set Rep = Nothing End If End If Set Info = Nothing End Sub Sub logout() Set Log = Nothing Set Rep = Nothing Set cvs Srv = Nothing Set cvs App = Nothing End Sub Now I though some of you might want to automate mutliple reports from CMS Avaya and save the output to text files without using VBA Excel but rather using the script file that Avaya allows you to save.

So after some research I found out that we can use the Avaya objects from Excel to automate these reports. You should see the auto code completer come up with possible options. Count) '''''' we set a reference to the server here Call do Rep("Historical\Split/Skill\Summary Interval", sk) This Workbook.

Avaya Cms Custom Report Writing

I was able to automate most of my daily, weekly and monthly reports and what used to take me hours to complete I can now finish in seconds with one click. Dim cvs App As New Application Dim cvs Conn As New Connection Dim cvs Srv As New Server Dim Rep As New Report Dim Info As Object, Log As Object, b As Object The rest of the coding will be the same...

Need your help please provide how can i make it usefull. Public Sub Single_CMS_Report_Extract() On Error Resume Next ' Add the files specified below to the References section: ' Tools - Browse to the CMS directory, ' e.g.: "C:\Program Files\Avaya\CMS Supervisor R14" Dim cms Application As Application 'acs Dim cms Server As Server 'acs Dim cms Connection As Connection 'Dim cms Catalog As Catalog 'Dim cms Report As Report 'acs Dim my Log As String, my Pass As String, my Server As String Dim report Path As String, report Name As String, report Prompt(1 To 2, 1 To 3) As String Dim export Path As String, export Name As String ' Assigns Variables my Log = "Username" my Pass = "password" my Server = "xxx.xxx" report Path = "Historical\CMS custom" report Name = "AESC Multi Vector" report Prompt(1, 1) = "ENTER VECTOR(s)" report Prompt(1, 2) = "date" report Prompt(1, 3) = "Time" report Prompt(2, 1) = "312;307;316;301;305" report Prompt(2, 2) = "5/24/2018" report Prompt(2, 3) = "-" export Path = "C:\Users\parveen.parveen1\Documents" export Name = "test. Item(report Path & report Name), cms Report If cms Report. Set Property("date", "5/24/2018") to hard enter those values.

TXT" ' Open the CMS Application, launches acs ' If a CMS Supervisor console is already open, ' the existing acs is used. ACD = 1 ' Sets parameters for report, launches (2x) cms Catalog. Set Property(report Prompt(1, 1), report Prompt(2, 1)) And cms Report. Or you can choose not to use the array and using meaningful variable names to achieve the same results. I could not get any report in the folder which i have provided.

Add "The report Historical\Split/Skill\Summary Interval was not found on ACD 1.","_Report Not Found" '## Parameters.

Add "C:\CMS Scripts\skill.txt","_Output" '## Parameters.


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