Ayurvedic Treatment For Spondylothesis

If there is instability, then that has to be restabilized and there are different ways of doing that.

Strengthening of the core muscles and intrinsic muscles of the spine are also very important because now there is more of a need for that support because some instability in the spine - and I use that term inappropriately, if you will, right now because instability and stability are very specific terms if we are to consider surgery or any other interventions - but we do have to consider the fact that, in order to prevent this from progressing, we need to create more stability.

That stability is usually created by addressing the postural changes, addressing the core muscles that will stabilize and create a "muscular corset," if you will, that will not only support but will also physiologically support the spine as we move and as we do different activities.

In other words, from nerves being pinched, from this slippage to progress and then become a medical emergency, sometimes it is done preemptively.

Otherwise, the muscle spasms that usually follow the muscular tension balancing is an important aspect in treating spondylolisthesis.

However, people of all ages are susceptible if the condition runs in the family.

Rapid growth during adolescence may also be a contributing factor., but it really is guided by the degree of the slippage.First of all, of course, we have to evaluate for instability.It can affect at any age but is most prevalent in people over 30 years.Ayur Mana offers the best Kerala Ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Kerala, India.Other things to consider, especially in the initial injury, is activity modification.So what we need to do is we need to prevent stresses to the spine and this is very important in adolescents and young adults that are active in different sports and sometimes this is due to that sport or an injury during that sport.I am an IT professional and was suffering from neck and back pain that started affecting my work.Pain killers and muscle relaxants worked initially but it didnt help after some time.The treatment program will vary from case to case depending upon the etiology, how long you have had the symptoms and how severe it is.Most cases of back pain with a history of less than 1 year can often be treated in just 3 weeks. The course may include decompressing procedures like warm fomentations and hot oil compresses, specialised massage therapies to relieve inflammation and to strengthen the muscles, physician advised chiropractic stretches to release spasms and facilitate corrections and specific yoga practises to improve balance and movement and to prevent recurrence.


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