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He cited an article from Forbes in which the writer claimed Steve Jobs was using Power Point on stage – something that never happened.It was lazy journalism on the part of the Forbes writer, and an easy mistake to make on my colleague’s part, but the result was the same; one poorly researched article directly impacted another because both writers failed to do their due diligence.If you try to slip something past your readers, you can bet that they’ll call you out on it, further compounding the damage. Everyone and their grandmother has an opinion about headlines.

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It almost goes without saying, but relying solely on Wikipedia as a primary source is almost always a bad idea.

Yes, Wikipedia have thousands of excellently researched articles, but it’s not infallible, and erroneous facts do make their way into articles without site editors noticing.

Whether you write your outline in your word processor, on a piece of paper, or even scribbled on a bar napkin, do whatever works for you to keep you focused.

One of the biggest secrets professional bloggers (myself included) don’t want you to know is that we don’t actually know everything.

In this post, I’ll show you how to write a great blog post in five simple steps that people will actually want to read. Long before you sit down to put digital pen to paper, you need to make sure you have everything you need to sit down and write.

Many new bloggers overlook the planning process, and while you might be able to get away with skipping the planning stage, doing your homework will actually save you time further down the road and help you develop good blogging habits.

You also need to be able to accept that not every post is going to get your motor running.

Some posts will feel like a chore, but if you have editorial control over what you write about, then choose topics you’d want to read – even if they relate to niche industries.

There’s an old maxim that states, “No fun for the writer, no fun for the reader.” No matter what industry you’re working in, as a blogger, you should live and die by this statement.

Before you do any of the following steps, be sure to pick a topic that actually interests you.


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