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But there is no single intellectual or practical source for these compasses.

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This critique puts a moral and intellectual burden on the understanding and practice of democratic citizenship and governance: How can one be sure that becoming more democratic means that society and its citizenry will become better?

These questions of how and whether democracy produces goodness are serious and longstanding.

A fog blurs the meaning of democracy, especially when it is invoked to describe our political order.

But that fog reveals a real question—is democracy a beneficial political order or merely a linguistic honey?

Yet the Congress does not adhere to these public opinions—and I don’t think it’s because they’re smarter or more virtuous.

But the trouble with democracy transcends contradictions between words and deeds or citizens and their representatives.

What is political freedom for, if not anything should be allowed to “go”?

How are we to put political equality into practice, if we do not seek sameness?

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