Bernoulli Brothers Essay

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Jacob had two younger brothers, Nicolaus and Johann Bernoulli.

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Later, he made a significant contribution to the study of calculus and is often referred to as one of the founders of the calculus of variations.

Scholars also give equal importance to his works in the field of probability and his derivation of the law of large numbers.

Jacob had always been fascinated by curves especially the ‘Logarithmic Spiral’ resembling the mollusk shell which had perfect symmetrical spirals.

Also known as ‘Spira Mirabilis’ meaning wonderful spiral, Jacob noticed its unique properties specifically one that if any part of the spiral is scaled up or down, it is exactly the same as the other parts.

He traveled throughout Europe from 1676 to 1682, learning about the latest discoveries in mathematics and the sciences under leading figures of the time.

This included the work of Johannes Hudde, Robert Boyle, and Robert Hooke.

Apart from these, it was between 16 that many of the results that were to make up Ars Conjectandi were discovered.

Personal Life In 1684, Jacob Bernoulli married Judith Stupanus.

However, he kept in touch with the academics he met during his travel throughout his life.

Along with teaching, he started working on various mathematical problems, especially differential calculus as presented by Leibniz.


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