Black Balloon Movie Essay

Black Balloon Movie Essay-31
It has been said that the film is brilliant and that it was a great depiction of the Australianess in the film- I must say that I agree.

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The ignorance of neighbours is apparent through dramatic irony when they complain to Family Welfare about violence when in fact lovable Charlie is simply behaving boisterously.

The repetition reinforces the importance of family responsibility, a value shared by Romulus.

In one sense, man is a herd animal and has an innate instinct to belong to a group for security and well-being.

The concept of Belonging can bring about a sense of comfort and security it can represent being part of a group, whether defined as social, cultural, racial, historical, political or religious.

The film is said to be a good coming of age film yet a bit too cliché but I say that it has to be cliché in order for it to be a realistic portrayal of the characters and the situations played out.

There haven’t been so many bad comments on the film as there are good.

(The law society of NSW, 2008) “ is a story about fitting in, discovering love, and accepting your family.” The story revolves around the Mollison’s are an army family; but it’s not what you’d call a regimented life, or even a regular household.

THE BLACK BALLOON (Part 2) Synopsis This new film seems ideal for families with teenagers, because it deals intelligently and compassionately with teenage issues, and at the same time it is funny and true to life. 2008.) The meaning of the film’s title isn’t spelled out on screen, but the director has said it is “a metaphor for a ‘different’ childhood, filled with moments of chaos, joy and sadness for what may have been”.

The Feeling of Belonging brings about a sense of comfort and security.?

Core and related texts reveal that the protagonists, whether due to circumstance or desire, fall outside the group.


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