Blood Brothers Themes Essay

Conflict: Paul envies Benjy carefree personality as a result of this he grew to hate Benjy.

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A Reading of the Short Story This story is about two brothers Paul and Benjy.

Both brothers can be considered to be ‘Blood Brothers’ because they are thirteen year old twins.

Paul is conflicted about his feelings because deep down he wants Benjy to be his friend and confidant. Benjy is surprised and confused because he did not know or understand why Paul reacted in this way.

Paul: Setting: The story takes place in an unnamed village.

Johnstone must promise to never reveal their agreement. Johnstone agrees and gives birth to Mickey and Edward.

Johnstone later tells her family one of the twins died during birth.

Edward and Mickey see each other from far away, not recognizing each other. Edward is jealous of the independence Mickey has, whereas Mickey is jealous of Edward’s cool demeanor.

Once his mother discovers what is in the locket, she becomes concerned. The superstition came true, and the narrator questions if the tragedy was just a matter of class disparity.


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