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Beauty is not a mere opinion of a person, so it contradicts the principle.However, beauty is a written rule that is a society that sets social standards.Her blackness forces the boys to face their own blackness, and thus they make Pecola the scapegoat for their own ignorance, for their own self-hatred, and for their own feelings of hopelessness.

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This includes older elderly people In The Bluest Eye (New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1970), Toni Morrison talks about a girl who wants the blue eyes.

Teacher, editor, and writer Tony Morrison wrote four books.

Promoting a good family relationship to promote a healthy and meaningful family relationship is important for adolescent life.

Families are not only important for connection between people and the past, they are also powerful and powerful agents that provide teenagers the most love and care they need.

The white standard of beauty is pervasive throughout this novel — because there is no black standard of beauty.

Standing midway between the white and black worlds is the exotic Maureen Peal, whose braids are described as "two lynch ropes." Morrison's chilling description of Maureen's hair is intentional, for she is referring to the young black men who look in awe at the white-ish Maureen.Toni Morrison Beauty's "The Blue Eye" is said to be in the sight of a bystander, but what if supposedly a beautiful image is being pressed on the hearts of many people?The beauty of a person can be expressed in various ways from the viewpoint of appearance and personality, but various things are necessary for the novel "blue eyes".For the most part, the blacks in this novel have blindly accepted white domination and have therefore given expensive white dolls to their black daughters at Christmas. Henry believes that he is being complimentary when he calls Frieda and Claudia "Greta Garbo" and "Ginger Rogers." The schoolchildren — the black schoolboys, in particular — are mesmerized by the white-ish Maureen Peal, and Maureen herself enjoys telling about the black girl who dared to request a Hedy Lamarr hairstyle.The Bluest Eye is a harsh warning about the old consciousness of black folks' attempts to emulate the slave master.Bluest Eye talks about Pecola Breedlove 's life through family - wide violence throughout the year, family relationship, incest and loneliness.The novel starts talking about how the book ends when Pecora was raped by his father.The main problem of this book is the ugly concept that "darkness" has neither value nor beauty.This view will be handed down at birth and become a cultural barrier.These young men, she is saying, are symbolic of all of the black men who have allowed themselves to be mesmerized by Anglo standards of beauty.As a result, they turn on their own — just as the boys turn on Pecola.


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