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It also offers ways to fight gang violence and often a better life for youngsters involved in the industry.

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You will learn the stories of C-level executives improving their relationships and become better leaders. The Liar’s Poker A critical yet funny look on the 80’s wall street investment banks.

The author tells his own story on how coming from LBS he starts his broker life on Wall Street. The 2-hour job search I had no idea this book existed before it was recommended by the IESE Career management department.

The pirates in Somalia, the smugglers in South America.

We are often taught about the best managerial practices and the the disruptive technologies from silicon valley.

One of my favorite passages yet is the Francisco d’Anconia rant about the value of money.

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It’s quite long (more than 800 pages), I haven’t finished it yet please no spoilers. Case Interview Secrets Lots of MBA students try to join prestigious consulting companies like BCG, Bain, and Mc Kinsey after their studies. Among the interview process, there is the famous case solving.

For someone like that me that is known to have trouble identify with other people’s emotion and that is trying to become a better leader, I think it gives a great method and principles to self- improve. It’s a great summary of the theory about EI but the work involved to actually improving one’s emotional intelligence is long lasting and usually revolves around hiring personal coaches and month-long feedback loops with subalterns.

Nevertheless, if you want to be more self-aware and more aware of others this is a good place to start.

Bonus: It is released by “The Harbus” which is the HBS Newspaper so you can trust it’s real. What they teach you at Harvard Business School This book was written by an HBS student, 2 years after graduation, in 2004, if I remember correctly.

It gives great insight about the Case Method and the HBS program. Ayn Rand is not loved by everyone, still, the theory planted in this book is just really interesting.


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