Business Analysis Work Plan

A group formed to to elicit ideas and attitudes about a specific product, service, or opportunity in an interactive group environment.

The participants share their impressions, preferences, and needs, guided by a moderator.

A business rule that places an obligation (or prohibition) on conduct, action, practice, or procedure; a business rule whose purpose is to shape (govern) day-to-day business activity. The design, structure, and behaviour of the current and future states of an enterprise to provide a common understanding of the organization.

It is used to align the enterprise’s strategic objectives and tactical demands.

It may be internal to an organization, or it may span several organizations.

A cross-functional group of individuals who are mandated to implement a change.

The design, structure, and behaviour of the current and future states of a structure in terms of its components, and the interaction between those components.

See also business architecture, enterprise architecture, and requirements architecture.

A commercial off-the-shelf solution may require some configuration to meet the specific needs of the enterprise.

An analysis model that develops the meaning of core concepts for a problem domain, defines their collective structure, and specifies the appropriate vocabulary needed to communicate about it consistently.


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