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Sufficient academic literature and corporate publication series are available to support the research.

The analysis techniques that will be employed in the study will include market environment analysis, strategic fit analysis, Porter’s five forces, value chain analysis, and Pestel analysis.

The paper will also discuss how cultural dimensions, human resources available, and the politico-economic conditions of a country impact different ways in which businesses evolve and the investment strategies they use.

Topic Description : This dissertation has three parts.

Topic Description : Today, green credentials of a company are gaining favour with the buying public.

Major food retailers on the British high street, such as Costa Coffee, Mc Donald’s and Sainsbury, are trying to cast themselves as eco-friendly businesses.The dissertation has three primary goals:a) to explore the infrastructure network within Iraq and find out how it can be adapted to increase the e-commerce accessibility,b) to analyse different methods which the Iraqi government can use to promote e-commerce in the country, andc) to identify factors that can attract potential foreign investment to develop the e-commerce in Iraq.Topic Description : This dissertation will look closely at the market environment of Sports Direct – a sports equipment company.Using various analytical tools, it will evaluate the micro and macro environmental factors which impact the firm’s operations.The study will also discuss the firm’s resource capability and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of its present-day business model.Several studies have already taken place in the field, and hence, the research will have a wealth of existing literature to rely upon.The paper will discuss different ways in which investment can be done and which are the most preferred investment models in this case.Order Now Topic Description : Worldwide, e-commerce has become quite popular because it lowers the costs of businesses and makes them more efficient.In Iraq, however, a large part of its population still has no access to this new form of business and cannot avail its benefits.The study will be grounded in the literature that already exists on the subject and try to find out the multitude of factors that could have affected the successful completion of the project.The study will also conduct several interviews with the key personnel handling the supply chain management for the project and find out the difficulties they faced in coordinating with suppliers, subcontractors, and the project team.


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