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A good forecast will show the sales of each of your major products and services, together with costs of producing or delivering them.Subtracting the cost of goods sold from the revenue will show you the gross profit you can generate.Or just check back with this blog tomorrow, and once a day for the next few days.

A good forecast will show the sales of each of your major products and services, together with costs of producing or delivering them.

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All financial projections are wrong, by definition. They are easy to learn and really important because using them wrongly in business plan financials is at best going to make a very bad impression, and at the worst could even be fraud.

There are three standard financial projections: the Projected Income (also called Projected Profit and Loss), Projected Balance, and Projected Cash Flow.

I’m going to continue in following blog posts with more details, and how-to, with steps and illustrations, for each.

Banking and securities laws make even some innocent financial errors look like fraud.

Preserving the details of financial standards is the only way business numbers can stand up to legal scrutiny.A pro-forma financial statement can be defined as “a financial statement prepared on the basis of some assumed events and transactions that have not yet occurred.” So a pro-forma income statement is an income statement based on a forecast.(Some people refer to an income statement as a “P & L” or profit and loss.) When you’ve completed the pro-forma income statement and the cash flow forecast based on it, you can then use that information to produce your first year end balance sheet.Numbers in financial statements have to mean what they are supposed to mean.And seriously, it doesn’t take an MBA degree or CPA certification to know essential financials required for business planning and, really, running a business.They want to make sure that your business makes financial sense and that it will generate both profits and cash to recover their investment.We are professional accountants as well as business plan consultants, so we are experts.The business plan is a projection of how things will happen in the coming year, or years.There will be sales plans and marketing programs the company expects to use to grow revenue.All of this is taken from my Lean Business Planning website, reprinted here with permission.If you’d like to jump ahead into the details, you can find it all starting on this page.


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