Business Planning Canvas

Our online presence will need to improve, and we’re about to start testing keywords.Most of our customers come back each year, so our focus is on acquiring new customers, especially in off-peak times.This is a real person, someone who is walking around right now.

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It can be sketched anywhere – on a whiteboard, napkin or notepad.

Filling one in can take between 15 and 30 minutes, and this guide will make the process clear and straightforward.

Our job is to get a good understanding of this person: What are their jobs, tasks and obligations? These might be Demographics like age, race, gender, height, income or postcode.

These might be Psychographics like their political views, altruism, biases or preferences.

They love how engaged the students are, and that it’s a great way to incorporate NAIDOC week each year.2.

Couples and families who want to learn more about Indigenous culture. They love interesting products with good margins and high turnover.2. They love having interesting brands of sauce that engage their customers, and hot sauces that are spicy without sacrificing flavour.3. They love the brand and its cheeky packaging, and the unique heat/flavour of the sauce.

They love the aesthetics of the brushes and the story of the movement. Mothers with young children, who want to create a mindset of environmental responsibility in their daily decisions.

They like the personalised colours of each brush, and by making teeth brushing fun they get fewer objections from their kids twice a day. Schools who want workshops and incursions for their primary students.

They love learning about the rituals, connecting with nature and with the land, and the feeling they get from having a weekend away from hollow distractions. Step 3: Channels and Customer Relationships Now that we have a clear picture of who we’re serving and how we’ll delight them, we get to design three things: how we acquire them, how we keep them, and how we interact with them.

The Channels box is our chance to explain how we first encounter our customers, as well as how we deliver our Value Proposition.


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