Catholic High School Entrance Essays

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For more information, see's Catholic High School Test Guide.

Students applying for admission to a Catholic high school likely will be required to take an admissions exam, usually either the Cooperative Admissions Exam (COOP) or the High School Placement Test (HSPT).

Loyola Academy accepts the most qualified applicants and only if Loyola Academy has the space available to accept the student.

Acceptance is contingent upon space, academic fit and the successful completion of the applicant’s current school year.

Calculators and language translators are not permitted. Any questions, please contact the Loyola Academy Admissions Office at 847.920.2480.

Loyola Academy offers limited testing accommodations on the entrance exam.Step 3: Request from your current school your high school transcript (including most recent report card) and disciplinary report.The application essay is one of the many important requirements to apply to Catholic Memorial.The HSPT has five sections: verbal, quantitative, reading, math and language (English). The required entrance examination for eighth grade students will be administered on December 7, 2019 at a.m.Online pre-registration will be available from November 23 to December 5 on this page.Find resources to prepare for Catholic High School Entrance Exams, with study guides, online courses, practice tests and more.Catholic high schools often use entrance tests to determine admissions.Violations of IHSA policies may result in loss of eligibility for the student, coach and/or school.In recognition of our shared ministry, ​Loyola Academy ​also does not promise, predict or otherwise allude to specific dollar amounts regarding tuition assistance or financial aid before a student takes the entrance exam.Upon account creation, you will receive an email containing a verification link.Once your email address has been verified, log in to your account and Create A New Student Application for your child.


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