Characteristics Of Problem Solving

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Stopping the solution-generating process prematurely can lead to groupthink.

For the problem question previously posed, the group would need to generate solutions for all three parts of the problem included in the question.

Group members may also want to begin setting out an agenda or timeline for the group’s problem-solving process, looking forward to the other steps.

To fully analyze the problem, the group can discuss the five common problem variables discussed before.

Instead, we start working on a problem and later realize we are lost and have to backtrack.

I’m sure we’ve all reached a point in a project or task and had the “OK, now what? I’ve recently taken up some carpentry projects as a functional hobby, and I have developed a great respect for the importance of advanced planning.

The problem-solving process involves thoughts, discussions, actions, and decisions that occur from the first consideration of a problematic situation to the goal.

The problems that groups face are varied, but some common problems include budgeting funds, raising funds, planning events, addressing customer or citizen complaints, creating or adapting products or services to fit needs, supporting members, and raising awareness about issues or causes.


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