Chemical Engineering Thesis

This implies a standard of originality: in engineering and science departments, a thesis cannot simply be a literature review—the thesis must include original work.

For students applying to graduate school, publishable research is a mark of distinction above and beyond completing an honors thesis.

Ideally, a first-author paper should be published from the completed thesis.

In such cases, a paper can first be prepared for submission, and then modified to conform to the thesis style and content.

Entering students with considerable AP or other credits may be advanced in their coursework, so that they can begin research in their freshman year.

Entering students less far along often start research as sophomores.

SHC students can take six hours of CH E 494H for credit in the major (three hours can count as CH E elective, three as professional elective). The chemical engineering major is very demanding; during the semester, a student’s commitment to research is often in conflict with the urgency of homework, projects, and exams.

Registering for CH E 494H is a commitment to spend time on research equivalent to a technical course of comparable credit hours.

A grade of B or better in CH E 494H courses is required by SHC for graduation with honors.

Grades in CH E 494H should be based on a written statement of expectations, agreed upon by the student and thesis adviser at the beginning of the semester.


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