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More specifically, it is a finished, stand-alone document written under the backing of an institution, typically academic in nature.

The way you cite a dissertation might differ depending on whether or not the work is published or unpublished, it might also depend on which style or formatting guideline you are following.

Our tool has been created for researchers and publishers who need formatting help to submit good-looking articles to scientific journals.

However, now it is widely used by college and university students for their research papers, dissertations, theses, coursework, and other assignments.

So, when preparing a paper in Sociology, you cannot avoid using outside sources.

Whether you need to quote a chapter in a book composed by one or multiple authors, or any other source – use our tool and do it in a couple of minutes!

Remember, that each in-text citation should be linked to a certain source listed on a last page of your work.

Use our textbook citation generator and make sure that none of your citations is missing in a list!

A dissertation is a very specific type of source and knowing how to cite a dissertation first requires some semblance of understanding of the various citation formats used in the leading educational houses and professional associations.

The choice of your citation style also depends on your dissertations topics or more specifically on a subject you are writing about, because different styles are used for humanities or for medical topics, for instance.


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