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As any parent or student who has worked with International College Counselors knows, what Adler says in the article is true, “she has parents sign a form, part of which establishes that her counselors will ‘review, not do’ the essay.” “I’m not going to write an essay,” she tells the Times readers.

“It’s an ethical question and it’s a line I won’t cross.

identified some plagiarized content in more than 50 percent of papers in a 2012 report.

Many colleges and universities have honor codes that prohibit plagiarism.

At the University of Virginia, in 2001, 158 students were caught turning in identical 1,500-word papers to an introductory physics class.

Nearly 50 students were expelled, and three who had already graduated had their degrees revoked.How does a school know if a student fibbed/fudged/lied? A common practice is for college admissions officers to call up high schools to verify a student’s activities and awards.College admissions officers have also called jobs, internship organizers, and places where students have performed public service.According to ZDNet, UCLA's Anderson School of Management began using anti-plagiarism software in 2012, and almost immediately discovered plagiarism in 52 admission essays, rejecting the applicants.Evelyn Tate, director of graduate recruitment and admissions for the MBA program at Northeastern University, told "Bloomberg Businessweek" that the school was interested in students with strong ethics, who would go out and make a positive difference in the an article titled, “If You’re Going to Be Edited, Be Sure the Result Is Still You“.She discusses the business of professionally edited college admissions essays.Penn State, for example, is using an admissions essay service offered by Turnitin.This software service has been used by professors to check their students’ class work – with much success.Thanks to the Internet, it’s easy to see if a student really has received a major award or a significant ranking, whether it’s in music or sports.Some universities like MIT have even hired private investigators to check up on student claims.


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