Compare And Contrast Essay On A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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This explains the reasons as to why there may not be a proper way to categorize writings of people.

According to Centeno, Teresa and Obler (p.12), it may also not be appropriate to categorize the writing of short fiction stories as there are very many ways that human beings can express themselves in writing.

Here, death has been used as a topic of discussion and not necessarily somebody’s funeral.

Death is being argued here on the basis of the Jesus’s ability to raise people from the dead. The writer now has to explain a lot about the death that occurred in the story and he does.

This may explain why most definitions do not include length in them as they may find a million lengths to a certain category because different artists will want to write a certain story that may be categorized by a definer to have so much pages but the author decides to exceed the pages or write fewer pages than what is under the definition.

Writers use different tools to create emotion from the reader, to create some break from a certain flow of events, to bring the character of a person whose character will not feature till the story ends, to temporarily bring someone’s presence to an end in the case of temporary death in cases where the person’s presence will not be felt between the time of faked death and the time the character will be required as well as to spice up the story.

Since the writing fraternity is really dynamic then death can be used by various people to do various things.

There is no one way all writers can use death in a short fiction story or any other story for that matter.

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