Conflicting Perspectives Related Texts Essay

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In groups or individually, students are to: Other notes: the 'big bad wolf' was a typo, the wolf's name was Brad.

They were all friends and he was helping them with an experiment because there wasn't enough wind around to test their theory.

Use your concluding paragraph to restate your thesis and reiterate any major points.

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But writing an essay that achieves these purposes can be challenging when you also have to compare or contrast two texts.

Conflicting Perspectives Related Texts Essay

In this situation, organizational skills are important.Variation: If your subject does not lend itself to events, students can use personification to talk from the perspective of something that does not normally have a voice.For example in Mathematics, the topic could be related to Algebra/Division and the students could write from the perspective of a symbol and ACELY1619: EN4-6C: Outcome 6: identifies and explains connections between and among texts (EN4-6C) - Respond to and compose texts: use an increasingly wide range of strategies to present information, opinions and perspectives across a range of different types of texts WRIC14M4: Aspects of writing, Cluster 14, Marker 4: Identifies and explores different perspectives and points of view.If you provide more information from one text than the other, your essay may not have the desired effect, so cover each text equally.This is especially true if you are making a point-by-point comparison.To keep yourself and your reader from becoming confused, plan and organize your essay before you begin writing.When using two texts to write an essay, it is important to plan where you want particular information from each text to fit into your essay.For example, if you were writing an informative essay on how "The Hunger Games" and "The Most Dangerous Game" are similar in plot and theme, then your thesis needs to give a concise statement of your claim. A good thesis for this might be "Survival of the fittest is a major theme in the plots of both 'The Hunger Games' and 'The Most Dangerous Game' because both deal with hunting, humans and survival." In a typical five-paragraph essay, organizing the information from two texts is relatively simple.When comparing two texts, you can either discuss each text in separate paragraphs, or conduct a point-by-point analysis of both texts at the same time in each paragraph.Vocabulary development will include contrasting connectives such as: alternatively, on the other hand, in contrast to.Introduce the concept of different perspectives through simple contrasting examples such as visuals that can be interpreted different ways or the power of perspective by reading information from only one point of view; once students express their thoughts provide more information from a different perspective. Students to reconstruct narrative/persuasive texts from a different perspective.


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