Confucianism Daoism And Legalism Essay

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First, every person should accept an assigned role in society and perform the duties of that role. Finally, only well-educated and extremely virtuous officials should be appointed to run the government.According to legend, Confucius worked as a minister in his native province of Shandong.Confucianism on the other hand was really just centered on respect and education. Both belief systems were Hannah Berndt Module 4 essay Daoism, Confucianism, and Shinto all originated as east Asian religions and have developed greatly since their origination.

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Its primary goals was to educate people to be self-motivated and self-controlled as well as enable people to assume their responsibility for their actions and Li Ma, in his paper “A Comparison of the Legitimacy of Power Between Confucianist and Legalist Philosophies", argues that while Confucianism is less fragile than Legalism, it [Confucianism] is the more oppressive political system.

They were Chinese philosophies that were thought to be the best ways to rule and achieve order in the society.

Confucianism believed that a ruler's job was to set a good example, and not order.

For the rest of his years he educated people on the ways of his teaching and stirred thought into the minds of many.

Daoism was thought to be founded by a man named Laozi that lived around 500 B. Daoism can be defined by its root word Dao meaning "Way of Nature".


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