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Who Bears the Burden of the Corporate Tax in The Open Economy? "Does The Open Economy Assumption Really Mean That Labor Bears The Burden Of A Capital Income Tax?with Kent Smetters: w8280 Published: Gravelle, Jane G. ," Advances in Economic Analysis and Policy, 2006, v6(1), Article 3.CRS, like other Congressional entities, is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), nor does it answer direct public inquiries.

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Congressional Research Service Newspapers

The Project on Government Oversight supports efforts to make CRS reports available over the internet and more accessible to the public.Should not be used for making links from Member or committee home page (since the public cannot access LIS).Links from Bill Summary & Status display to CRS reports and issue briefs related to a bill.In fact, CRS has a special page detailing the enhanced capabilities of the restricted LIS website over the public THOMAS website.Neither of these websites are available to the public, even though knowing what is happening when it is happening would be enormously empowering to citizens, activists, journalists, and academics following legislation.According to the mission statement of the Library of Congress, "the unifying purpose of providing the public with essential library services, such as cataloging and reference help, is to afford as much access to useful information as possible to each of these three constituencies [Congress, the U. government more broadly, and the public]."3 Despite this, however, Congress has dictated since 1952 that it has control and custody of CRS products and that those products may be released only by Congress. CRS-2) As CRS currently states on its report covers, "The Congressional Research Service works exclusively for the Congress, conducting research, analyzing legislation, and providing information at the request of committees, Members, and their staffs." Those who elect the legislators are being denied direct access to a major wealth of information that directly affects the decisions of those who legislate.Making certain types of CRS products and its websites widely available to the public would provide citizens with the type of high quality information necessary to actively and knowledgeably participate in public debate about current issues and the workings of our government.They have the information needed to keep up-to-the-minute on most legislation including information from past bills similar to the current legislation; historical information about the legislation; biographical data about the Members who introduced it; the ability to track the legislation as it moves through committee hearings to the Floor; and links to information about the legislation in the Congressional Record, Floor and committee schedule information, and the Federal Register.(Appendix B) The CRS website (gov) provides CRS publications on current legislative issues, electronic briefing books, information on the legislative and budget processes, a searchable database of all CRS products, and other information about Congressional procedures and activities.POGO also wants to thank Steve Katz for his assistance on this report. Congress, researching and reporting on topics of interest to Congress."For a democracy to be dynamic and self-correcting, its governing institutions must be not only continuously accountable to the people but also solidly based on a body of knowledge that is both constantly expanding and available equally to those who legislate and to those who elect the legislators." (Emphasis in the original) 2- Excerpt from Library of Congress Mission Statement The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is a department within the Library of Congress. It then issues the information in both print and web form as CRS products.


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