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Taking the time to put together a business continuity plan will help ensure that your business is able to resume operations in the shortest possible time. But don't forget about growing risks that are often overlooked by small businesses such as cyber attacks, hacker activity, and sabotage.Decide what would be absolutely essential for your small business to start operating again if a business disaster closed you down and take steps to ensure that those essentials would be available quickly. What equipment do you need to continue to produce and deliver your critical products and/or services?Business Continuity plan guards against business disruption in case of unforeseen events. the procedures employed to ensure the timely and orderly resumption of an organization’s business cycle through its ability to execute plans with minimal or no interruption to time-sensitive business or service operations” ( A well thought out business continuity plan can mean the difference between your business's survival and failure if disaster strikes. Figuring out what types of disasters are most likely will help you focus your continuity plan and not waste time and money preparing for something that's very unlikely to happen.

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John Ambulance show exactly what first aid kits for various sized businesses need to contain based on the number of employees.

Depending on what types of disasters may happen in your area, you may want to add other supplies.

Don't let your customers wonder if you are open or not when disaster strikes - a quick post on Facebook can keep them up to date.

It's easy to put off business continuity planning.

You should also assign one person and a second to grab the business contingency plan on the way out if the business disaster necessitates leaving the premises.

Your business website and social media platforms like Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter are excellent ways to communicate with customers and business associates in the case of an emergency.For example, one gallon of water per person per day is one of the recommended supplies on this list of emergency supplies for the retail store. If it was stolen or destroyed, would your business be able to quickly get up and running again or even carry on at all?3 Steps to Successful Data Backup explains how you can get the peace of mind of knowing your business data is protected and will be accessible again quickly.Coordinated emergency plans are especially important for businesses that share adjacent space such as those in strip malls or along city streets.Your city, town or Business In Action Committee may have contingency plans/disaster response plans in place or provide resources that will make it easier for you to put your own plan together.For instance, the city of Ottawa offers information about emergency preparedness for Ottawa businesses on its website and offers training workshops on the topic.See what is available in your town before you start writing your own business disaster plan.Data protection is one of many advantages of switching your business to cloud computing.Fire insurance is the type that springs to mind, but fire is certainly not the only possible disaster your small business could experience.Ensure phone and email contact lists are up to date and that the people responsible for contacting others have printed lists as all technology fails sooner or later and usually at the most inconvenient time.Also decide who will be responsible for communicating with the public and how (updating the business website, posting on social media, press releases, signs in the windows, radio announcements, etc.) These Workplace First Aid Kits Checklists from St.


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