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I also credit Augustana’s generous and encouraging faculty with making me love teaching and modeling thought-provoking and memorable class discussions.” "I love English majors.

A reader wanted to know just what it meant to be a “Creative Consultant” on FRASIER.

Still others gain hands-on experience and develop professional connections by working internships at local businesses in marketing, public relations, journalism, and arts management. First-year writing classes enroll no more than 20 students; writing classes close at 15.

A series of workshops on “Resume Writing for English majors” prepares students by teaching them how to communicate the value of their Augustana English major to prospective employers. Literature classes range from eight to 25 students.

Add the fact that I’m pursuing a career in English and creative writing, and that it’s starting to materialize into reality, and you’ve got the brightest dream I could have ever dreamed up for myself.” Kimberly Hedlin ’11, English major, religion and New Testament Greek minors; postdoctoral research fellow with the National Endowment for the Humanities “I cannot speak highly enough of my Augustana experience….

I know that Augie’s emphasis on interdisciplinary work helped me develop my research interests, which incorporate elements of theology, literary study, and religious history. Augustana offers a major and minor in creative writing, a major and minor in English, and a major in teaching English.The 12 full-time and four part-time English faculty serve as leaders in interdisciplinary studies and are involved in areas such as environmental studies, the honors program, study abroad, and women, gender and sexuality studies.Daniels’ and Professor Wee’s workshop classes, sitting outside to free write.All of these experiences nurtured my writing, or kept me believing in myself when I felt I couldn’t or didn’t want to, or helped me to become a better activist and person.As I sit and study for the LSAT, with dreams of law school on the horizon, I am already noticing that the skills my English degree has taught me are being put to valuable use. in poetry at The Ohio State University “Augustana was one of the few colleges I looked at which had creative writing as a separate major, rather than just a focus under the English major.I’m supremely confident that they will continue to do so in law school and beyond.” Alyssa Fröhling ’17, Creative writing and English; graduate fellow pursuing M. And as a creative writer, a small school was appealing to me, as it meant more one-on-one time with professors and more intimate classroom/workshop settings.Organizations value graduates who combine clear thinking with effective communication and creative problem-solving, and look for leaders who can approach issues using more than one perspective — all skills built through Augustana’s program.The English major provides a strong background for careers in teaching, law, the ministry, business, publishing and even medicine.Primarily it’s punching-up the jokes but it can also be story help too.Often times the staff can get too close to a story and it helps to have a pair of virgin eyes. In this day and age of tightening budgets, “creative consultants” are a luxury most shows can no longer afford. A good consultant can not only contribute to the script but also provide a welcome boost to the rest of the weary staff.


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