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Problem is, this odd “human” as he calls himself has really blue eyes, and he’s all full of emotions and caring and terrible advice…So, this is a love story in which the woman is the colder, more logical, less emotional participant to start. But it’s more clever than that; Aeryn isn’t dropped into a “frigid harpy” stereotype and left there to flounder.So this show, with its galactic machinations and colorful characters and exotic, dangerous technology became a backdrop to the Saga of John and Aeryn. There was no will-they-or-won’t-they drama for the show’s audience to agonize over either, something we can only hope more television will move away from in the future.

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Her difficulties come from what boil down to cultural misunderstandings.

To set up an example, the reason why the ’s crew can understand each other despite all speaking different languages is an injection of translator microbes that colonize the base of their brains.

Which is not to say that there aren’t other couples in the SF pantheon that make me all wibbly.

I’ll cop to being a sap; I love a good romance as much as I love good villains and snarky dialogue. It is essential to realize and remember that most of what this pair had going for them came down to ineffable, stupid luck.

It’s boring, and the anticipation eventually becomes a bad game.

What’s the problem with allowing love to be a central tenant of your show anyway?

Because the Peacekeepers breed and train their own soldiers to follow orders and fall in line, Aeryn doesn’t have an emotional base.

She believes that her feelings are a defect that can only get in her way.

It’s not just the mistaken idea that sex is the most important aspect of any loving relationship, but the idea that once something is consummated, the romance suddenly stops being romantic as it is overtaken by “boring comfortable/miserable couple” status. Now we will probably get married and have babies, and nothing else will ever come up that could make us intriguing as people ever again! Or they pointedly do not talk, but what is exciting is how their talking and/or not talking is.

Every form of media is guilty of this (with YA fiction now becoming a primary shareholder in its stock even if the sexy time is off-camera), but film and television are the worst for it. So many uncomfortable conversations, aborted looks, good old-fashioned angst and anger.


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