Customer Service Business Plan

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One reason many companies end up falling flat on their faces in terms of customer service is because they tend to waste time, money and resources rolling out products or services that customers don’t actually want.

If your business has failed to produce adequate market research as part of your business plan, a lack of customer input will lead to your company’s demise.

The first thing you’ve got to do when you’re developing a customer service strategy for your business is to sit down and do some brainstorming on what you think good customer service is.

Place yourself in the shoes of your prospective clients or customers, and consider what sort of customer service you would expect.

If your consistently deliver poor customer service, it could even cost you your entire business. There are plenty of avenues to explore, and a lot of your customer service journey will be a matter of trial and error.

Yet by and large, the road that leads to great customer service begins with establishing and developing a fantastic customer service strategy for your business.What sort of greeting would you expect, and what sort of communications would you want to receive along the customer journey?What forms of communication would those messages take?Bearing that in mind, your customer service strategy should outline broad processes which your company can use to capture customer feedback, and then guidance on how your business will then review that feedback and act upon it. No two businesses are alike, and so what works for your company may or may not work for others in terms of establishing great customer service.But generally speaking, you cannot go wrong in developing a strategy for your business by following these seven simple steps.Further along the strategy path, you’ll need to spell out those behaviours in terms of processes your employees must be trained to handle and subsequently adhere to.But in the meantime, you should take your vision to any employees or contractors you may have and discuss this vision with them to ensure that they are onboard and understand the expectations you’re setting.All business owners dread receiving complaints that must be dealt with, and in some cases, you may not agree with the accusations being leveled against your business.But again, place yourself in the shoes of the customer: if you were genuinely unhappy with a product or service, what would you expect a great company to do to make things right?Top 10 tips to turn your hobby into a business So, that’s a whole lot of statistics about the state of customer service in the UK and you might be reading this and asking yourself why any of it matters.But if you think you shouldn’t be worried about delivering mediocre customer service, you’d better think again.


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