Cystic Fibrosis Case Study Questions

These include cystic fibrosis, Marfan syndrome, heart failure, neuropsychiatric diseases, and diabetes.Three cases/lessons focus specifically on how genomic medicine informs testing for and treatment of cancer.Every nine weeks, Miriam is taken to the CF clinic at Alder Hey Hospital.

Eventually, Miriam was given a "sweat test" and it was confirmed that she had Cystic Fibrosis.

The doctors then immediately arranged for her older sisters to be tested.

This course is targeted primarily at physicians 5 years out of training.

Other healthcare providers, medical/health sciences students, and members of the public may also be interested. * The information presented in “Case Studies in Personalized Medicine” is offered for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be construed as personal medical advice.

Sue & Tim have been trained to administer these antibiotics although for certain treatments she may still have to go into hospital (as she did on one occasion last year).

The threat of infection is an ever-constant danger most particularly from one CF patient to another.

After completing this course, learners will understand 1.

The ways in which genetic variants can contribute to human disease susceptibility 2.

After that they see the CF nurse and finally the CF doctor.

When Miriam has a particularly bad infection, which oral antibiotics are not strong enough to fight, it is necessary for her to go into hospital to receive a course of intra-venous antibiotics.


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