Daphnia Biology Coursework

Daphnia Biology Coursework-61
This section provides guidelines on how to construct a solid introduction to a scientific paper including background information, study question, biological rationale, hypothesis, and general approach. This observation of the natural world may inspire you to investigate background literature or your observation could be based on previous research by others or your own pilot study.

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They are small crustaceans that inhabit a range of freshwater habitats from coastal rock-pools to alpine lakes and are found throughout Australia and the rest of the world.

The water-flea has been studied in the context of ecology, evolution and ecotoxicology for many years and is now an emerging model system for ecological genomics and the study of gene function in natural environments.

Performing an investigation just for the sake of adding to our scientific knowledge (“pure or basic science”) is just as important as applied science.

In fact, basic science often provides the foundation for applied studies.: specific prediction(s) that you will test during your experiment.

are small zooplankton that live in freshwater inland lakes.

They are filter-feeding crustaceans with a transparent exoskeleton that allows easy observation of heart rate and digestive function.

If your pilot study influences your biological rationale or hypothesis, you need to describe it in your Introduction.

If your pilot study simply informs the logistics or techniques, but does not influence your rationale, then the description of your pilot study belongs in the Materials and Methods section.

For manipulative experiments, the hypothesis should include the independent variable (what you manipulate), the dependent variable(s) (what you measure), the organism or system, the direction of your results, and comparison to be made.reared in warm water will have a greater sexual mating response.(The dependent variable “sexual response” has not been defined enough to be able to make this hypothesis testable or falsifiable.

In addition, no comparison has been specified— greater sexual mating response as compared to what?


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