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The media also exposes the loopholes in the democratic system, which ultimately helps the government to fill the vacuums of these loopholes and to make the system more accountable, responsive and citizen-friendly.

Prevention of access to information to citizens is a violation of human rights.

A free country requires its citizens to get information and communication on the development issues of their respective countries, to promote democracy, good governance and law enforcement.

Furthermore, in most African countries, the small number of individuals with power has managed to erode any semblance of accountability, legitimacy, democracy, and justice, which has been a basis of considerable disappointment to the planners, economists and policy makers who want African governments to introduce a reasonable and collective attack on poverty, disease, illiteracy, and other challenges to development.

In the deliberations, certain desperately needed elements of good governance and rule of law is important, including popular participation in governance, accountability and transparency, the elimination of corruption, the protection of freedom of information and human rights, and the decentralization and devolution of power.

Although corruption is a general problem for all governments, governments of developing countries tend to exhibit the problem in a particularly noteworthy way.

Democracy Essay Promotion

In countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Zaire, and the Central African Republic, corruption is so extensive that it is viewed as a way of life.

It has played a very important role in shaping human minds.

Media have a big role in contributing to the economic and political development of citizens in any country in the world.

The lack of accountability in Africa has led to the gross misuse of public resources.

For example, single party systems in Africa do not allow for much in the way of accountability.


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