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Shannon Lee Shannon Lee has been trying out this writing thing for over 20 years – and after a dozen novels, thousands of articles and millions of words written, she might have finally gotten the hang of it.For the past several years, her professional writing has focused on education-related topics.

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College students are not immune in these statistics.

Type 1 diabetes is actually more common than Type 2 in people under age 20, but as the incidence of Type 2 diabetes continues to rise among younger people, thousands of students will be diagnosed with Type 2 or pre-diabetes during their college years.

With two children in college and one in preschool, she has a personal interest in the entire educational spectrum.

When she’s not writing, she’s hanging out in the garden or whipping up a new recipe for her family to enjoy.

Students might need to register with the office in order to receive accommodations.

At that point, the office will work on the student’s behalf to ensure accommodations and modifications are made.

Follow on: The key to managing diabetes is understanding how the condition affects the body, what the causes are and what treatments are available.

Here’s a quick primer: In addition to the 30 million U. residents who already have diabetes, another 84 million have pre-diabetes, indicating they’re at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes within five years.

If it is, it might be as easy as mentioning to the professor the reason — most will be more than happy to grant such a simple request.

For more complex accommodations, or in cases where there is a problem, most colleges have an office of disability services that provides information and assistance.


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