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You must never stray from the path of discipline and punctuality no matter what situation you get into.There will, of course, be a certain degree of peer pressure, but you have to learn to cope with that.The property of being punctual will bear fruit in all periods of your life.

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In the present times, a student can be lured by many temptations which life brings forward.

Discipline is the only restraint that helps the students to stay away from them and focus on their careers and goals.

The life of a student today is full of competitions and hence time is extremely precious to the students.

If you can maintain self-discipline, then you can manage your time properly and remain punctual.

The parents, of course, play a very big hand in incorporating these qualities in their children.

If you are disciplined, you will also develop your concentration and hence become successful. If you maintain discipline at all levels when you are a student, you are surely going to improve upon your academic results.Students, who are quite punctual, seldom receive the wrath of teachers too and remain in their good book.When the trait of punctuality is combined with that of discipline, a student becomes a favorite of all people, including parents and teachers.The quality of punctuality needs to be developed in a student right from the childhood.In this way, the student will grow up to be a responsible citizen of the country.By being punctual, a student will be able to handle everything from appointments to assignments within the stipulated time frame.This is a trait which not only a student but all people must carry at all points of their life.Not only the family members but all people in the society will also respect you for being always on time.The people who work in the defence sector are trained in such a way that they automatically develop a punctual attitude.Punctuality is a characteristic of a particular person by virtue of which he or she will have the ability to complete a particular task within an exact time limit; it goes hand in hand with discipline.This characteristic is very much required in the life of students.


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