Dissertation Fellowships Humanities

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The selection committee will assess the applicant’s need for working in multiple repositories, working abroad, or both.

In the administration and awarding of fellowships, neither CLIR nor the selection committee discriminates on the basis of age, gender or gender identity, race, ethnicity, physical disability, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, citizenship or immigration status, or political affiliation.

The selection committee will base their decisions on the following criteria: 1. The quality of the applicant’s CV (presentations, publications, awards, creative work, etc.) 3. candidacy (may be letter of admission to candidacy) 3. Letter of support / evaluation statement of the dissertation plans and likelihood it will be completed within the fellowship period (750 words maximum); this statement, which is to be submitted directly by its author, should be written by either (a) dissertation advisor, or (b) another member of the dissertation committee.

Probability of completing dissertation within the fellowship period (the higher, the better) 4. Applicants who receive a dissertation fellowship are required to inform the College of Arts and Sciences if they subsequently receive support for their dissertation writing from other sources.

Doctoral students in the College of Music (D status) are eligible for the Devaney Dissertation Fellowship, but will not be considered for the others due to the terms of the various endowments.

Any student who is eligible may submit an application. Information concerning the following matters: (A): Other research grants, internal or external, to which the applicant has applied (B): Other support for dissertation writing and research already awarded and used 6./* sc-component-id: Icon__Icon Container-odg9go-0 */ BFt BFt[aria-hidden='true'] BFt svg /* sc-component-id: Button Styles__Back Button-sc-1kpwlr1-1 */ Usl G Usl G:hover @media (min-width:48.000em) Usl G @media (min-width:64.000em) /* sc-component-id: Button Styles__Close Button-sc-1kpwlr1-2 */ . 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