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No one can taste your cake, no one can benefit from your hard work—of course, no one can criticize your work either.But without a publication, or two or three, the dissertation is not technically a total success.

If you wait until after you go through the dissertation process, you will be too exhausted to publish, and it won’t happen for a year or two. This may be three separate chapters, or it may be three different data sets or arms of your data. In my previous articles, I recommended choosing a committee wisely, with different members being associated with different jobs.

Committee members should not have similar areas of expertise. There should be a content expert or literature review expert, a methods person, a results person and a “whip.” Ideally, the “whip” (think politics, as in majority whip or minority whip in Congress) is your dissertation chair.

So there can be a Review article, a Methods article, and a Results article. You get to decide who is listed as an author on your articles.

You will be first author, and your mentor should be last author (a position of honor).

If a committee member does not contribute, they ethically should not be included in the list of authors.

Many journals now ask you to list the authors along with their meaningful contributions. Decide ahead of time the journals in which you wish to publish. I’m going to recommend these PA journals for one of your publications.And your dissertation may be the most logical place to start.Even if it's a small finding in a big field, your dissertation is probably a quality piece of work because it's been closely supervised by knowledgeable faculty, he notes.When it comes back, it might need to do some laundry, but it should essentially not look at all like the baby you once knew. Try for the highest level journal you can realistically get published in. You cannot ethically submit the same article to multiple journals.A publication should look like a publication, not a dissertation. You will need to make sure you have three completely separate articles in order to submit to multiple journals.Here is my pitch (although biased): We are THE scholarly journals for the profession. Remember how I said your dissertation is like your baby?If your data is completely focused on PA education, then select JPAE. Well, your baby now has gone through elementary school and the tumultuous teenage years and currently is entering college.You’d be amazed at how many people don’t get a publication out of their dissertation.Without advanced planning, a publication likely won’t happen, because, once again, there are often unanticipated roadblocks. Publication will be completely driven by you and no one else.It is the “so what” of all you have put into this academic Mt. Consider the impact that your work will have on the profession.Don’t run the marathon (or climb the mountain) and not cross the finish line!


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