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‘Bellum omnium contra omnes’ and contemporary regime change.Writing during the English Civil War, Hobbes stated his belief of the realities of life without government.

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This dissertation seeks to analyse this work of Malebranche and also to place it into its historic context by reviewing the counter contemporaneous philosophical arguments furthered by, for instance, Antoine Arnauld and Jean-Jacques d’Ortous de Mairan.

This dissertation questions, given the perceived failings of monetarism through the present economic global crisis whether, in applying the paradigm shift concept of Kuhn, a new eco-political reality is emerging in which the base assumptions of monetarism (like Keynesian before it) have also been found wanting.

Suggested initial topic reading: The philosophy of wellbeing: Traditional measures of wellbeing centre upon tangible measurements such as economic health, the GDP of nations and income.

Suggested initial topic reading: European federalism: A movement in keeping with Kant’s model of perpetual peace?

In expanding his theory of perpetual peace and the groupings of nations, Kant commented in his three definitive articles in the essay ‘Perpetual peace: A philosophical sketch’ (1795) that, ‘the civil constitution of every state should be republican’, ‘the law of nations shall be founded on a federation of free states’, and ‘the law of world citizenship shall be limited to conditions of universal hospitality’.


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