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I argue that the ‘experiencer theta role’ is conceptually unnecessary and unsustained by syntactic evidence.‘Experiencers’ can be reduced to different types of arguments.This dissertation focuses on when and how children learn about the meanings of the propositional attitude verbs "know" and "think". But they differ in their veridicality: "think" is non-veridical and can report a false belief; but "know" can only report true beliefs because it is a veridical verb.

I argue that the ‘experiencer theta role’ is conceptually unnecessary and unsustained by syntactic evidence.

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Wilt PDF Member Perceptions of Informal Science Institutions Graduate Certificate Program: Case Study of a Community of Practice, Lois A.To be specific, I investigate when and in what module ellipsis occurs, and what is elided as a result of ellipsis.With regard to the first research question, I propose that XP ellipsis occurs as soon as all the featural requirements of the licensor of XP ellipsis are satisfied during the derivation, rather than in the other modules." A Case Study on the Use of Political Cartoons in the American History Classroom, James Manuel Duran PDF A Multi-Perspective Exploration of a Cross-Age Tutoring Initiative: An Analysis of the Responses of All Students, Ann Elizabeth Gillies PDF The Impact of Continuous and Discontinuous Cycle Exercise on Affect: An Examination of the Dual-Mode Model, Sam Greeley PDF Communication and Academic Vocabulary in Mathematics: A Content Analysis of Prompts Eliciting Written Responses in Two Elementary Mathematics Textbooks, Christine M.This dissertation analyzes the syntax and processing of adjunct control.Allen PDF Playing in Trelis Weyr: Investigating Collaborative Practices in a Dragons of Pern Role-Play-Game Forum, Kathleen Marie Alley PDF Curriculum Gatekeeping in Global Education: Global Educators' Perspectives, Robert Wayne Bailey PDF Reading Assessment Practices of Elementary General Education Teachers: A Descriptive Study, Sarah Mirlenbrink Bombly PDF An Investigation of the Effects of an Authentic Science Experience Among Urban High School Students, Angela Chapman PDF Social Studies Teachers in an Evaluative Role: The Peer Evaluator Experience in the Accountability Era, Martha Barnes Ford PDF Making a Difference in the Lives of Students: Successful Teachers of Students of Color with Disabilities or who are At-Risk of Identification of Disabilities at a High-Performing High-Poverty School, Tristan L.Glenn PDF Teacher Perspectives on the Instructional Impact of the Florida Alternate Assessment, Katherine Hawley PDF The Effects of Exercise Modality on State Body Image, Elizabeth Anne Hubbard PDF English Language Teachers' Learning to Teach with Technology through Participation in an Online Community of Practice: A Netnography of Webheads in Action, Derya Kulavuz-Onal PDF A Case Study of Jamaican Children's Lived Play Experiences, Carol Ann Long PDF Perceptual Responses to High-Intensity Interval Training in Overweight and Sedentary Individuals, Nicholas Martinez PDF Blending Worlds, Reforming Practice?Ad- junct control is the referential relation between the implicit (PRO) subject of a non-finite adjunct clause and its understood antecedent, as in the temporal adjunct in ‘Holly1 went to bed [after PRO1 drinking milk]’, or the rationale clause in ‘August1 sat on the couch [in order PRO1 to read library books]’.Adjunct control is often as- sumed to involve a syntactic ‘Obligatory Control’ (OC) dependency, but I show that some adjuncts also permit what is referred to as ‘Non-Obligatory Control’ (NOC), as in the sentences ‘The food tasted better ...Shimshock PDF Perceptions of Arab American Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Exploratory Study, Haifa Alsayyari PDF It’s Not All Sunflowers and Roses at Home: A Narrative Inquiry of At-Risk Girls and Their Perceptions of Their Educational Experiences, Jessica Aggeles Curtis PDF Exploring Mathematics Teacher Education Fieldwork Experiences through Storytelling, Melody Jeane Elrod PDF Improving Reading Comprehension of Children with ASD: Implication of Anaphoric Reference Support with Computer Programming, Seda Karayazi Ozsayin PDF A Qualitative Content Analysis of Early Algebra Education i OS Apps for Primary Children, Lissa S.Ledbetter PDF Cultivating Peace via Language Teaching: Pre-Service Teachers' Beliefs and Emotions in an EFL Argentine Practicum, María Matilde Olivero PDF Collaboration with Families: Perceptions of Special Education Preservice Teachers and Teacher Preparation, Mehmet Emin Ozturk PDF Perspectives of AP U. History Teachers in Title I Schools, Mark Lance Rowland PDF What Does It Mean to Be a Service-Learning Teacher?


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