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Conversely, the playing out of pumped-out oil fields led to the death of any number of those once-flourishing towns.Betting fortunes on what turned out to be dusters resulted in the bankruptcies of companies and individuals.

The discoveries of oil fields led to the founding and flourishing of numerous Texas towns, to the establishment of companies that have become multinational conglomerates, and to the amassing of vast personal fortunes.So, geologists need to study the surface material, source rock, and reservoir rock as a preliminary step.They use certain techniques to find a prospective oil trap, of which the most common is seismology.As we all know, crude oil is fossil fuel, found deep under the Earth's surface, trapped between the rock layers.It is formed from the remains of plants and animals in the seas, after being subjected to extreme high temperature and pressure conditions for thousands of years.Due to the overlying sedimentary layers, the organic layer is subjected to elevated temperature and pressure.Because of this, distillation of organic material occurs, leading to the formation of crude oil and natural gas.With that dramatic fanfare, Texas' economy was wrenched from its rural, agricultural roots and flung headlong into the petroleum and industrial age.In the last two decades of the 19th century, railroads had made sweeping changes in the lives of many of Texas' mostly rural, mostly agrarian citizens and forever altered the face of the state.Petroleum began to displace agriculture as the principal engine driving the economy of the state, and Texans' lives were even more drastically affected than they had been by railroads.The impact of oil on Texas and Texans is often analyzed in terms of corporate development, personal and corporate wealth, and the overall economy of the state and politics.


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