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Could be bad battery, need high 12VDC at start usually, if in low 12s battery is weak for any of a variety of reasons, again Electrex site has great troubleshooting section.

Sounds like the connector on the starter solenoid (the small white one) has come loose. Another culprit may be a bad, dirty or loose battery terminal. Just uncrated brand new 1999 900ss that was set up by out of state dealer and supposedly checked over.

Will then start up OK but on touching throttle even slightly, the engine screams to 10,000 rpm.

Do I need a new throttle cable or is it fuel injection?

To promptly restart the bike, the fuel cap needs to be released. I am trying to convert my 1998 916 from Biposto to mono and am have a problem with the new placement of the ECU.

I have a set of Termignonis w/chip but it still stalls? My wiring harness is too short to properly place the the ECU. Our local Ducati representatives don't know what to do.-Kris, UK Check the shaft that the starter intermediary gears run on.Sometimes these expand when hot and seize on the gears.hence the spray all over the arse end, including the left side of the tire and all throughout the wheel.I'm not sure where the oil is coming from, as I see no obvious leaks from anywhere, and given how much it sprayed around, the engine has it all over the place, it's difficult to nail down the source. I just replaced the battery as the old one was failing to hold a charge for more than 12 hours.From a full charge, the starter turns over nicely, and the bike starts easily.This could be as simple as a dirty battery terminal. When I try to start it, the starter engages then seems to disengage, making a terrible grinding noise located behind the clutch. Also, where could I find miscellaneous bits such as clutch hub, tachometer and cable, speedometer? I have had a basic feel of the cam belt tensioner bearings and they seam ok but other than that I'm stumped as to where this sound is coming from.A tight terminal may have corrosion and not pass current under load. If voltage goes down when the key is turned on, you have a bad battery. Any insight you could give me on this would be much appreciated.Remember it is brand new having sat in a crate since 1999 in New York.-USA You're going think I am being a smart ass but you need to look. Pull the tank, open the air box or look at the linkage is the throttle springing open by itself?


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