Edwin Morgan In The Snack Bar Essay

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The impact this creates on the reader is a stark and depressing one.

The use of "levers" also highlights the old man's lack of energy and power as well as showing the slow edgy movement of the man trying to stand.

The way Morgan has used such strong visual imagery to detail such a simple motion persuades the reader to realise that for the old man this simple motion is a laborious task- indeed a great achievement.

The trip to and from the toilet is, in itself, an achievement.

The reader is confronted with the hazardous world of someone who is blind and disabled.

Focusing on the pathetic figure of a blind, hunch-backed old man, the speaker in the poem unveils the grim reality of the human condition.

The language of the poem is matter-of-fact and everyday, thereby mirroring the unromantic nature of the scene it depicts.

The imagery this creates is excellent as sounds and smells come to the fore as they are louder, more vivid, to the blind man.

Although the speaker is neither blind, nor disabled, the poem conveys a sense that the speaker empasises strongly with the old man. Conclusion But he cannot reckon up the chances, having one thing to do, to haul his blind hump through these rains of August.

However, on further inspection I realised that the plot had given the poet a chance to discuss meaningful issues in an entertaining and absorbing way.

How Morgan uses techniques to create a vivid and memorable image is what I shall now discuss.


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