Elements Of An Action Research Paper

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By doing this, it is hoped that both the teaching and the learning occurring in the classroom can be better tailored to fit the learners’ needs.

You may be wondering how action research differs from traditional research.

Furthermore, documenting every detail used in the process of research does not necessitate writing a lengthy report.

The purpose of giving sufficient details is to let other practitioners trace your train of thought, learn from your examples, and possibly be able to duplicate your steps of research.

This process usually starts with a question or an observation about a current problem.

After identifying the problem area and narrowing it down to make it more manageable for research, the development process continues as you devise an action plan to investigate your question.Action research, with its emphasis on the insider’s perspective and the practical significance of a current issue, may instead allow less representative sampling, looser procedures, and the presentation of raw data and statistically insignificant results.The components put into an action research report largely coincide with the steps used in the action research process.Action research provides an opportunity to explore the effectiveness of a particular teaching practice, the development of a curriculum, or your students’ learning, hence making continual improvement possible.In other words, the use of an interactive action-and-research process enables practitioners to get an idea of what they and their learners really do inside of the classroom, not merely what they think they can do.Action research is particularly popular in the field of education.When it comes to teaching, practitioners may be interested in trying out different teaching methods in the classroom, but are unsure of their effectiveness.You may choose to use more than one of these data collection methods.After you have selected your method and are analyzing the data you have collected, you will also reflect upon your entire process of action research.The term itself already suggests that it is concerned with both “action” and “research,” as well as the association between the two.Kurt Lewin (1890-1947), a famous psychologist who coined this term, believed that there was “no action without research; no research without action” (Marrow, 1969, p.163).


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