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It is also important to remember that your high school's best interest and your son/daughter's best interest are not always one and the same.We have all heard the tales of local guidance counselors who do not allow their "lesser" students to apply to schools to which they have "better" students applying!When it comes to acing the application process, one should never underestimate the importance of an informed second opinion.

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Most importantly, by purchasing Accepted's services, you are ensuring that you have the support of an experienced professional critic and dedicated personal coach as you prepare your college applications.

We’re experts at the college essay, having helped thousands of students craft compelling essays that stand out during the admissions process.

Many high school guidance counselors are more than happy to work alongside private college consultants such as myself.

However, it is important to keep in mind that certain guidance counselors (especially those at private high schools) resent the involvement of independent consultants, seeing it as an intrusion into their territory.

the schools to which you are applying will never have to know that you had a little bit of extra help!

I am efficient, too: most of my consulting clients only require a few hours of in-person admissions consultation services each year, although all-inclusive packages are available as well.If you just want quick advice on your essays and don't need to meet with someone, we recommend our Rapid Essay Review service.I am a big fan of College Vine and the College Vine process. Alexander’s writing actually improved dramatically through the process.It's tough to navigate this maze without a little professional guidance along the way.I do not consider admissions consulting to be an entirely separate service from my test prep, essay coaching and tutoring services.Phone and email support is also available on an as-needed basis.I am available year-round to help our students devise concrete test-prep preparation plans and timelines, choose and schedule their classes, review their extracurricular involvements, formulate a list of potential schools and prepare their applications for admission.At College Vine, we’ve perfected the art of writing essays and help students turn them into their secret weapons.In our Essay Specialist Program, you'll be paired 1-on-1 with your very own expert essay consultant who will work with you on your essays through every phase of the process: brainstorming, drafting, editing, and putting together a final draft.Here are some of the areas where we will focus our attention: Please keep in mind that my college consulting services are not intended to replace the services of your high school's guidance counselor.(These counselors are a vital part of the college admission process and should be treated as such.) Instead, I work behind-the-scenes to give your student the type of individual attention that most guidance counselors only wish they had the time to provide.


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